He is on a number of shows, he is what is considered an old timer, I think he is in the HOF, and he tells a bunch of influential kids to do what ever you want as long as you have someone to take the fall. This is not here say, I heard this as did many others after the report, Chris Carter while explaining how to hang somebody out to dry never flinched or did it come into his pea brain he was being recorded.

During this explanation to the kids=rookies, Warren Sapp could not believe Carter was saying this, covering his face and glancing back at Carter in disbelief as Carter spoke. Now how long do you think it took ESPN to drop fatassed rush Limbaugh after making an opinion. Regardless how ignorant that may have been it's nothing coming from a blow hard radio host, but a player like Carter who has spoken against all things bad, and has strong opinions on players conduct was explaining how he made it through. He is by no means squeaky clean as he wants to appear.

It must be something that has been explained not just by him, Ray Lewis could explain it to young guys just coming into the league, he beat a murder wrap in Atlanta, then helped the guys who it wink wink was blamed on.

Carter should never be allowed in a locker room or around youth EVER!