Never met him but I literally miss Richard Pryor. In a way he made sure we met him and his honesty.

Just trying to get some feel from Falcons fans, went to this MB site and one of the mods there posted this,...three things the Falcons have to do or something like that to beat the Ravens. It was posted yesterday morning.

1. Big special teams play. If the Falcons are going to beat the Ravens, they need their special teams to play big. The Falcons have a star in Devin Hester and he will have to play like it. He needs to gain big yards to give Matt Ryan excellent field position. A punt return/kickoff return touchdown will be nice too.

ummmmmm,...........Quinn has used Hester sparingly all preseason returning kicks and at WR. Hey man this is the 4th preseason game and guess what dude?,...Hester didn't dress. And to think he would return any kicks in this game is just,...did someone pay you to make this shit up?

2. 250+ passing yards. Matt Ryan and the other quarterbacks need to have at least 250 passing yards. They need to connect with the wide receivers early and often.

Lol the Falcons had 68 yards rushing and 14 yards passing on their first TD drive. If the Falcons move the football, they should eke out a win. Well damn,...that's the first time I heard of that,...has not moving the football ever won a game? who knows

3. Put pressure on Joe Flacco. Joe Flacco is one of the league’s premier quarterbacks. He’s had ten or more interceptions in all seven of his seasons. Look for Tyler Starr and Vic Beasley to pressure Flacco and cause a couple of picks. Will the Falcons’ corners come away with a pick 6?

This is ridiculous and is written by someone who doesn't know the Falcons, the,...hell this writer is a joke and I'll refrain from mentioning his name because I'm not a mean type but when it goes to this level it's just,...ya wonder why? OKAY Flacco didn't accept a snap last night idiot, Ryan did take 1 snap. Beasley did well showing some flashes of his speed but hey,...TYLER STARR????????? The guy with the long blonde hair? #41???? A pick 6???? This guy has an imagination and I'm not certain it's natural. Starr MIGHT make the team dude, and given he's 6'5" 260 with speed and one of those white underachievers in the NFL if he plays well the ladies will swoon over his long blonde hair and he'll become a celeb.

I'd love to read this guy's thoughts about MNF's opening game. Some sites are just a little,...I dunno,...funny