Pappy was right and thank you deflate gate proving it.

All during this fiasco much has been learned about the inner workings of the entity called the NFL.

What did we learn,...learned quick that less than 1/3 owners kind of run the league's business in a quiet manner. Makes sense when the same teams appear in most Super Bowls or arrive repeatedly into the playoffs. There are exceptions when teams get it together for a couple years like the Cards, Saints, THE SEAHAWKS or the Rams. But there are NFL teams that enjoy some sort of annual success while most others are struggling futile to reach the pinnacle.

The Super Bowl is huge money and HUGE doesn't do justice. The playoffs are also huge bucks. Roger is a joke. Demorrio Smith is not and he's licking his chops, watch and see.

Pappy compared professional football to the games in ancient Rome,...welfare the bread, the games as a circus.