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Thread: Saints Season Preview

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    Saints Season Preview

    Good season preview that I found here, in depth and so much: 2015-2016 New Orleans Saints Season Preview

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    Great preview! Here's the guy I begged the Falcons to draft. Alex Mack or Unger that season Atlanta traded for a washed up HOF TE,...

    C Max Unger Max was the player the Saints got in return for Jimmy Graham from Seattle. He is another piece of the puzzle that will transform the Saints offense into a grind it out offense. Hes a Pro Bowler and he has experience making holes for Beast Mode in Seattle. The fact is, hes got to be great. The Saints giving up Graham was a huge loss. They got a first round pick along with trading their 4th rounder. Look for Unger to lead that line to open up some big holes for the offense.

    Unger and Mack were the last two FINE centers out before and after they entered the NFL. Unger will be a force and give Brees blocking that'll open the middle of the field.

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