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    Thought I would read up on the team a little and that's all there was, a little! the lack of knowledge on print is nauseating. You can't learn from a dumbass that would rather tell you the players favorite color than his play or some of the details that actually favor the game.
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    The stories at Flowery Branch are many and any unbiased sports writer could have something for us every damned day if they just worked for their living. Oh noooo, have the local rag hire some guy from Michigan or new jersey to cover a team he probably doesn't care for. And the last three beat writers for the AJ&C(owned by the NY Times), have all been aliens to Georgia and have no love for the team representing this area.

    The NFLN has the Hard Knocks Falcons training camp running recently and that's nice. Several national writers have either chosen the Falcons to win the division as one said they'd make the playoffs and a couple others have been complimentary towards the Falcons. The only negatives I've seen are in the power rankings where the Falcons are not bottom feeders but middle of the road so to speak and the questions about the O-line,...which I've been bitching about for the last 9 years. Just lately the experts admit building an imposing O-line results in wins,...DUH!

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