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Thread: Starting with a bang!

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    Starting with a bang!

    It will be interesting to see how the new regime performs in prime time, in the past it has been tumultuous at best, not counting that scrimmage game against the Bucs Of course the first Monday night has 2 games so kick off is at 7:10 or 19:10 hours. It will be interesting going up against Tebow, and to see if Chip Kelly learned much last year and if our staff has succeeded or has a an old style performance on National tv
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    Years ago I quit expecting not to get embarrassed when the Crows play in prime time. It seems that everything that could go wrong in front of the nation does go wrong adding that sometimes the players performance is the bad thing. Interesting that Quinn will debut on national tv,...guess go ahead and christen the newbie head coach with an ass whippin by a college team on Monday night, might as well start off with a bang.

    At least WE WON the war,...hehehe and only we know who I'm referring to. It was his chance to be civil and eventually rule the day after an iggles win but nooooo,...he turned out to be Sybil with multiple accounts and can't muster any bravery, not taking it like a man more rather like a prepubescent little single cahona mental infant.

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