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Thread: Mindset of a loser

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    Mindset of a loser

    It's funny but the release of T Sam Baker has some Falcons fans at each other throats. One side sees terrible management and nothing to show anything will change after 50 years and the other is like,...ho hum this is business as usual and if you threaten to quit buying tickets goodfreakingbye.

    Over the years the former set of fans have chided NFL game officials for cheating, the NFL schedule makers(before realignment), skewing the schedule to disfavor the Falcons, the two Falcons owners for not caring about a championship and other things. The latter set sit back comfortably, rarely cheer the team and behave all-knowing that there's other pro sports teams with similar histories. Compare those fans, to say, Cowboys or Patriots fans with all their trophies rich histories and knowing their team will be a winner even during winning droughts.

    Maybe that's key right there,...being a fan of a team that's never won a championship is one thing but to endure countless losing seasons just might label all fans of that team as losers. That goes when the team is extremely talented and picked by experts to do well but flounders in a bitter loss, example for the Falcons was Super Bowl 33 and then recently the 2012 season.

    As a Falcons fan it's difficult to explain why I personally continue to support the team. I know many people who've never been to Texas but are Cowboys fans,...never been to Boston,...San Fran,...etc. and they pull for a winning franchise. As it stands now this is America so they have that freedom and it makes sense people wish to be identified by a winner instead being a sorry-ass Crows fan. And then there's the former set of fans who sound like they're crying about things all the time as myself has done that a few times. Admittedly it becomes frustrating to see your team lose especially when the team is not so less talented than opponents in this day of free agency and salary cap.

    There is one facet of this analysis that is true and very real. The NFL tribe enjoys their team promoted by sports media and the NFL itself more than other teams. Teams such as Dallas, Boston, Green Bay, the two New Jersey teams, Patriots enjoy coverage 24 hours 365 days and that means at least 2/3 of NFL teams are not promoted properly nation-wide and why is that? Is it that national reporters are as big a bunch of homies as anyone else? Is the NFL purposefully promoting around 10 teams and ignoring the rest due to the market and value of franchises? If yes is the answer to either question it is wrong.

    Reporters are supposed to be unbiased, especially national types but we know that ain't true. And the NFL shouldn't penalize 20 some odd teams in the league just because it exists in a smaller market. That's not capitalism rather it's alike to a kingdom in ancient England, a fiefdom.

    So let us little, puny Falcons fans keep moaning in misery while other fans of this base yawn like the real losers, pop open a beer and enjoy the 4'Oclock game when the Cowboys come on the tube. These types say, "now we will watch REAL football."

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    Sadly it has become nothing more than a business, bottom line is team income, these billionaires yeah would love a Lombardi trophy, I wonder how many owners actually know the game, players, set ups and so forth.........................................hell no, they look at the bottom line.$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
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