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Thread: Inglewood gets 1 Step Closer with Demolition of Historice Race Track

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    Inglewood gets 1 Step Closer with Demolition of Historice Race Track

    Hello all,

    Yes its been a while for me here....

    Yesterday was a historic moment for the future of a new stadium, and possiblity of the relocation of the Rams... And LOYAL LA Rams fans came out at 6am to watch and support what happened for Inglewood....

    Local Tv Networks were there, CBS2 NBC4 KTLA5 ABC7 and so forth... I Saw 2 links from 2 separate stations interview Rams fans... now normally that doesn't make headlines... but this time it does.... you may ask WHY??? Here is why, the NFL.Com website also got the video, think about that for a moment...

    for the local socal citizens and Fans of the NFL they are seeing this on tv, locally or looking on the channel website of their choice, and many do know the history of Hollywood park... and thats roughly 12-18 Million people in the LA Basin watching these channels...

    Now add the NFL Fanbase who maybe interested in watching a demolition thats 32 TEAMS in 32 Different cities Across the nation multiply that by the millions in addition plus the cities nearby rooting for those teams, AND Hearing a little from LOYAL LA RAMS FANS without a team for 20 years...

    Thats Coverage... the Inglewood stadium WILL BE BUILT With PRIVATE MONEY the Target date is in December at this time

    Relocation talk and approve may even happen sooner as early as august

    Some of the Local Rams fan groups that showed up were
    Bring Back the Los Angeles Rams
    SoCal Rams Booster Club
    Rams World Order
    and maybe a couple others

    a shout out even came from the Inglewood Mayer on a tv interview

    so here are a couple links ill try and add in...

    you can also visit an up and coming Rams community for lifers run by fellow rams fans

    Take Care

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    I just want the decision to be made so the fans can move on. This silent crap is ripping the fan base apart. STL vs LA has taken a toll on the fan base and is causing fans from both sides to hate each other. Lets get this over with and tell the fans what the real deal is.

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    so true, it needs to be dealt with

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    and they need to go back to the blue and yellow. please!

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