Well Hell,...another Falcon dog killer, amazing. This time it was a yorkie,...as I call them a rat dog breed. And this time there was no wagering but clearly some heavy-duty anger involved. As an animal lover with 4 dogs and 3 cats it's not conceivable to me to take one's anger, frustration or whatever out on an animal. People like that, I believe, have no conscience whatsoever and to do so indicates a strong possibility they'd do harm to humans if driven enough. But with a name like Prince the boy had to have some screw loose. His X-girlfriend is somewhat of a model and someday these beautiful women get they deserves when they associate themselves with monsters that play in the NFL and NBA.
Prince Shembo, future niner or iggle.
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On a lighter note,...

Happy birthday MISTER AUTOMATIC!!!

When I wished Unknown a happy birthday it was deemed unofficial by some rude niners fan. But what do you expect from niners fans anyway?