It seems NFL QBs are constantly sticking their NIKEs in their mouths recently,...well the usual suspects anyway, you know, the self absorbed, overpaid prima donnas like kappernick and newton. But this guy must stop this type talk.

By invoking the Lord's name associated with football, you know, that game in which there's foul language, drug abuse, spousal abuse, usage of steroids, dog fights, etcetera it makes Tebow look like an idiot.

No I'm not serious,...Tebow is a class act with a huge following of adoring fans because he's squeaky clean and keep in mind the team he currently is training for took on Michael "Superman" Vick, a convicted felon. And him being so clean and worships openly is the reason the media and lots of hateful fans despise and are jealous of the guy. But c'mon man the iggles? It's a safe bet at least 75% of iggles fans aren't enamored with Tebow.

There was a day when, before every game on every team, the Lord's Prayer was recited. Must be today there's too many muslims/islamists and atheists to allow such a practice