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Thread: Matt ryan said what???

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    Matt ryan said what???

    Nine years ago lots of Falcons fans were excusing Michael Vick for dog fighting, a felony. Vick lied to goodell then lied to the FBI, another felony in which he was never charged. Remember the "free Vick" t-shirts? See the rallies now in which pats fans are chanting free Brady? See the Panthers fans making excuses for Newton's ridiculous claims that he's faster, stronger, smarter, etc. than any other QB in the NFL? See the Niners fans sit quietly as kappernick makes an inexcusable statement about deaths in Houston? To Hell with all of you, especially those Vick fans who said he had a right to do what he wanted even if it's illegal and a serious crime not to mention many heartless acts watching animals maim each other as MONKEYS wage money while the red blood reflects off gold, smiling teeth?

    Before the dog fighting came out Vick had several unseemly things of his doing. Remember the photo of him with bloodshot eyes smoking a marijuana blunt sitting next to a high dollar prostitute in a limo? So much for the NFL's drug testing. Recall Vick's Cameron moment when he said he's like no other NFL QB, literally said he IS a Superman? Remember my posts with certainty that Vick was ushered through High School and then two years at WVU just so he could play football? **** Mike Vick and **** newton and kappernick along with the cheating liar tom brady.

    Look what the sports media and fellow NFL players did to Tony Manzell and the guy in the photo below. They didn't deserve that treatment also done by jealous NFL players,...Johnny Football because his family is well-to-do and Tebow because he represented the squeaky clean religious zealot in their jealous eyes. Also Tebow became a sex symbol and we the majority of players repping a certain race can't have that shit, hell no.

    Thank you, thank you Atlanta Falcons for drafting Matt Ryan in 2008. If the Falcons had a newton, a kappernick, brady or another Vick there's no way they'd draw the respectable fans,...just those bigots would watch the games, spend money on jerseys and tickets(which they rarely do anyway with Blank giving free tickets to inner city dwellars while the rest of us must pay up to $500-PLUS to watch a game live!).

    Even if it means pulling for a loser this Falcons fan is happy OUR QB exhibits class and maturity.

    No, Ryan just says let's try to win football games is all,...

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    It's the media and the morons who believe what these pencil necked geeks who never played the game at a high level spew ANYTHING that suits their agenda.
    Since light travels faster than sound, some people appear bright until you hear them speak.

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