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Thread: Rookie HC Quinn

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    Rookie HC Quinn

    In 1990, although not a rookie, Jerry Glanville won 5 games his first year in Atlanta. In 1994 rookie HC June Jones won 7 games his first season. 1997 the old man Dan Reeves won 7 games too. Rookie HC Jim Mora JUNIOR won 11 games and the division in 2004. Rookie HC Mike Smith also won the division with an 11 game winning year back in 2008. Now it's rookie HC Mister Quinn's turn at it.

    It's guaranteed the NFC South will do better than last season facing the AFC South and NFC East this year. How things play out within the NFC South is a toss of the dice because anytime the Falcons face the Saints records go out the window and it's about the same when facing the Panthers. The Bucs,...who knows with a rookie QB.

    Just remember Mister Quinn, remember it well, are an Atlanta Falcons head coach and the love and adoration from the sports medium and from non-Seahawks fans will not be shown since you are in the ATL. Some have called being a Falcon a curse but it's more than black cats, broken mirrors, etc. It's a matter of people in the NFL tribe hating the city, the State and the team.

    11 wins sounds good but improbable. With extreme luck 10 wins are possible but then there's the NFL officials who love some teams more than others. They can't help it, cause it seems to be their nature. Good luck Mister Quinn.

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    It will depend on his defensive structure and how he employs them
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