If anyone would've bet me on this, without looking at the article but only the title of the piece, that the writer listed the Falcons I'd have won easily. It went something like Five bad teams that could make the playoffs. Awww man the thing that gave it away was the bad team thingie. Way easy in fact and lo and behold scrolling down there they were, those awful, sucky, noise piping Falcons on the list! Yay!

The other teams listed were the Phins, Vikes, Rams and Titans?

5 bad teams that could make the NFL playoffs in 2015

By Louis Bien  @louisbien on May 14, 2015, 10:38am

Atlanta Falcons

Record last year
6-10, third place NFC South

Moves made
Signed DE Adrian Clayborn to a one-year contract
Signed LB Brooks Reed to a five-year contract
Selected DE/OLB Vic Beasley in the first round of the NFL Draft
Selected CB Jalen Collins in the second round of the NFL Draft
Selected RB Tevin Coleman in the third round of the NFL Draft

Chances of succeeding
Good. The Falcons targeted needs in the draft and free agency, and didn't settle at all in terms of talent. If the defense struggles once again to rush passers then we can wonder, seriously, whether the thick Atlanta air is giving quarterbacks extra cushion. Vic Beasley isn't a developmental pass rusher like we've seen go too high in the draft in recent years -- he's ready to enhance a bad pass rush now.

More importantly, Atlanta's injury luck should improve, making it perhaps the only team in an awful division that you can look at and not feel totally icky about. The Falcons can conceivably win the NFC South. To some, they may even be the favorite. This doesn't mean that they'll be particularly good, but that's not really what we're getting at.

Injury luck? A case of perennial bad luck is what Louis is missing. The awful division is a correct observation but in defense of the NFC South guys like Louis may be eating his words because the Panthers and Saints are very good football teams that were SWEPT by the lowly Falcons last season causing the South to appear weaker than it was. And to make the playoffs the Falcons best win the division cause I doubt the South has a wildcard team making the playoffs.

But it was funny that anyone, especially a Falcons fan, would know without a doubt Atlanta would make this guy's dubious list