Knowing ego-maniacs Brady is enjoying all the attention and still feels invincible regardless his crime to the game of football. So let's talk racism, that should be a better subject. Lol

The fake McCoy, right before the deflate-gate news busted out, accused the eagles head coach of getting rid of black players in essence calling him a racist. A little story,...back in 1999 before the season the roster and depth chart was set for the Falcons. The projected starters on the D-line were all Caucasians, DEs Patrick Kerney, Brady Smith then DTs Travis Hall and another honky I can't recall his name. We were posting at the AJC's message board and there was this angry hoodlum post that Dan Reeves was a racist because of the color of their skin. Needless to say 99% of the members there tore this boy's butt a new asshole for making such a stooped post and he never posted there again which is typical of people like that. Proof that Reeves is no racist came in 2001 when Reeves traded 2 first round picks and a player to the Chargers for the 1st overall pick and chose,...Mike Vick. So who was the racist in this case? It was the HOODlum 0f course.

Just a few days ago the fake McCoy after getting his widdle feewings hurt for not remaining an iggle then suggests the philly head coach is a racist. Who are the verifiable bigots when they constantly cite race as reasons for events that don't suit them I ask?

Deion Sanders once said the Falcons organization had a "plantation mentality" and later had his jersey number retired forever and hangs in the dome now. Warren Sapp said once that he felt like a "slave" while playing in Tampa, the franchise that gave him the chance to eventually be a HOFamer. It's interesting this always goes one way and never the other. To me it's like a child that has learned to use a device for leverage in order to get his way or even tarnish those who don't deserve to be characterized as something they aren't.

Of course the iggles HC is no racist, that's just a little boy pitching a tantrum but a serious charge in today's climate given recent events which are similar when hearing words spoken on the streets in Missouri and in Baltimore.

There are folks like me, people of color who are embarrassed by these things said by imbeciles with similar skin color that we wear.

Brady might be suspended 8 games? That'd be great but the entire franchise should also receive punishment too. As for McCoy, he should be suspended for a mischaracterization of a pretty good college coach who just so happens to be white.