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Thread: Off Subject, Friendly reminder, ITS MOTHERS DAY WEEKEND

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    Off Subject, Friendly reminder, ITS MOTHERS DAY WEEKEND

    This is Mothers Day,

    I wont get to see my mom this year as i have MOVED To New Orleans,LA, my family is in Socal, this will be the first time in ages that i wont be apart of moms day with my older sis and brother...

    AS Most seem to be online, REMEMBER THIS.. NOT ALL MOMS ARE...
    my mom doesn't do social media and i am fine with that...

    if your mom doesn't get on facebook, then find other ways to communicate, AND BE WITH THEM IN PERSON..... you never know when it will be the last time you get to see them ALIVE...

    as a Son or Daughter, can you share a memory of you and your mom that maybe #Rams related???

    To much junk online and not enough offline

    Happy Moms day to all
    ‪#‎Rams‬ ‪#‎Mothersday‬ ‪#‎Life‬

    - Mark Yale

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    My moms in FLA but the card has been sent and I'll call her before she heads out to play some golf on Sunday.

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    Watch Rams players give shout out to their moms on Motherís Day. Includes Ogletree, Hekker, Saffold, Donald, Long, Brodine, Hayes, Jones, and Cook.

    Watch Rams Players Send Greetings to Mom
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