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Thread: Facons misdemeanor, Pats felony

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    Facons misdemeanor, Pats felony

    It was bound to be said that the Falcons piped sound last season to make the dome louder. The candy gal on the NFLN said it today and suggested goodell will use the punishment on Atlanta to gauge the slap on the wrist to the Pats. Oh nooooo baby lemme set you straight.

    To begin with piping sound last season in the dome didn't help the Falcons. 5-11 is a lot different than winning a SB. And lately there's up to 5/8 fans in the dome pulling for the visiting team so why not make up for it by piping noise? Joking aside, the Pats cheated in a conference championship game which propelled them into a SB appearance.

    No one in the Falcons camp LIED about the piping,...tommy brady damn sure did right through his horse teeth. And I don't care what anyone says, Belichick knew everything.

    NFL officials don't monitor decibels in stadiums' sound system but are REQUIRED to check a team's game balls before the game. According to reports the officials before the AFC championship game were not able to check the Pats footballs.

    It is not proven that the Falcons were a habitual offender of piping or cheating of any sort. It is a fact the Pats are a habitual cheater.

    Most of the Pats team officials have been together for decades, a "close knit family" as said by talking heads at ESPN. The poor Falcons go through head coaches, assistant coaches and team personnel like toilet paper. It took some evidence from twitter to reach this point between members of the close knit family. A team with all the winning seasons, all the SB wins should be a squeaky clean organization but now we see multiple instances of wrongdoing to win games, playoff games and even Super Bowls.

    So there you babe in the short dress sitting there showing your legs and revealing the cavity that's located between your ears.

    And when I made that previous post I KNEW something would be mentioned about the Falcons piping last season, was inevitable and continues to show some underlying dislike for the Atlanta Falcons franchise and the desire to exonerate the beloved Patriots. So there Ms. Bias.
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