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Thread: "Deflategate" and Tom Brady are just side notes

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    "Deflategate" and Tom Brady are just side notes

    This whole scandal is not even a central issue here. Tom Bradys behavior is not a central issue. The whole "Deflategate" scandal and the way its being discussed in the media is just further proof that the Sports Media complex is either completely missing the point, dumber than they think they are, or are actively parsing this thing down to a level that it can be looked at in a vacuum.

    All we've learned through this whole thing that should possibly be "new" to anyone is that Tom Brady is a liar, a cheater, and of poor character, but if you were paying attention to this guy years ago and the way he comported himself personally, you would have already known he was an entitled, selfish, spoiled brat who has zero Integrity or Character.

    The biggest thing that should be discussed today is the fact that Tom Bradys behavior in this whole scandal was FOSTERED by the very CULTURE of the Patriots. That he thought it was OK, and he was doing nothing wrong because according to the "Patriot Way" cheating for an advantage was to be lauded - and if you were caught, you throw away a line about "not completely understanding the rules", or blame a "Process", and that it must have been somebody else and you had no knowledge of the activities and move on.

    Bill Bellichick learned his lesson in Cleveland. You can work your ass off, put in more hours than anyone else, be detail oriented and innovative and run your team in a new fashion, but if you have average talent on the team, you have to watch Morons like Barry fucking Switzer and Bill Parcells win Championships while you get fired and see your team pick up and move to a new town.

    Billy Boy wasn't ever going to let that happen again.

    As I said in another thread:

    But the problem isn't "this scandal" or "that scandal", its the Patriots culture of INSTITUTIONALIZED CHEATING. THAT is the Patriot way. You find your "advantages" through intelligent scheming and in the weight room, what the Patriots have embraced under Bellichick for 15 years is a CULTURE OF CHEATING.

    From Injury reports to Phantom Radios, and jamming signals, and bugging locker rooms, the Patriots have been cheating since Bellichick walked into that building. He learned HIS LESSON in Cleveland, he that works hardest DOES NOT WIN. The guy that puts in the time and comes up with BRILLIANT ideas does not win. Effort does NOT bring a coach with a team that is average in talent Championships or success.

    He who CHEATS, WINS.

    SO Bellichick learned his lesson, and he did EVERY and ANY THING he could to bring himself and his team an advantage.

    Lie on injury reports? Check.

    Bug opponents Locker Rooms? Check.

    Spy on opponents practices? Check.

    Listen to opponents radio traffic? CHeck.

    Jam the opponents head sets? Check.

    Videotape and analyze opponents sidelines for signals? Check.

    Videotape a SB opponents walkthrough? Check.

    Alter game equipment? Check.

    Carry yourself as if you were above the game, and dismiss any allegations as jealousy? Check.

    Use your Billionaires influence to bully the League? Check.

    Nothing they have done over the course of 15 years has been genuine. Nothing. Everything is suspect and tainted.

    In a moment of honesty yesterday, Ryan Clark said plainly and without waiver that the ENTIRE LEAGUE looks at the Patriots as not only a bunch of underhanded cheaters, but they despise Tom Brady and his smug, arrogant manner.

    And the "Media" is actively going out of their way to ignore this fact and to pretend that this was an ISOLATED INSTANCE. And that "Spygate" while being on the rap sheet of this Franchise, was also an isolated incident. But that couldn't be further from the truth.

    This team is built around "pushing the envelope of the rules", be it on the field or off. Don't have the CBs to hang with receivers? Hold them and beat them up - they "Can't call them all". Have crappy Wide Receivers? Roll out a formation that pushes the boundaries of the rules....without verifying the play with the league beforehand to see if its actually legal (the common practice that all other teams follow). Need to slow down a hurryup offense? Lay on the ground and feign injury. This is seen as "clever" by those with NO INTEGRITY, but its CHEATING. PERIOD.

    There can be NO "Benefit of the Doubt" with this team, because this team THRIVES on capitalizing on benefit of the doubt. The same people in the media that tell us how "Brilliant" Bellichick are will be the same fools that buy his line that he "Didn't know the process", or "Misunderstood the rule".

    The New England Patriot "Way" is simply institutional, glorified, hidden in plain sight CHEATING, and the story SHOULD BE that Tom Brady, a Future HOF'er felt Comfortable with tarnishing his own legacy by Cheating in the most inglorious and low class manner, lying about it in a smug and arrogant press conference, and then relying on the fact that they have ALWAYS gotten away with it, so why not this time (again)?
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    Great Post, JE, you nailed, absolutely nailed it.

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    don't forget his mastery of the WR pick, and the grabbing of jersey's so many times that the officials feel guilty about calling it, AND the fire alarms in the Masshole hotels

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