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Thread: 49er Draft Analysis

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    49er Draft Analysis

    I have merged my comments with those of Baalke's as reported by Matt Maiocco.

    First let me say that this draft is an acknowledgement that for the short term, the 49er's window has closed. They did not address their biggest needs, simply taking the best player on the board. As a result we have incongruences like 8 TE on the roster and had to sign 5, yes 5, UDFA WR. I believe that they will regret passing on Jaelen Strong and Eric Rowe R2. I predict that the only player we will get significant production out of (barring injuries)is Mike Davis.

    First round: DL Arik Armstead, Oregon

    “He is unique in the sense that he is 6-7. He’s 295-plus pounds. He runs (the 40-yard dash) in the five-flat range. He is a tremendous athlete for his size and for that position. Four techniques are hard to find in the National Football League. True four techniques are guys that can two gap, play with leverage, leverage blocks and control the line of scrimmage. That is a big part of what we do here. In any given draft, there are four or five. I’m not sure that we’ve ever had more than five on our board that we felt were draftable.”

    Phred - With their first pick the 49ers addressed their deepest position - even assuming Justin Smith retires. Armstead is a terrific athlete but was not a 4 down player at Oregon. He was a 4 star recruit who never really improved until he stopped playing basketball and focused on football. He still has a long way to go and has to compete with Dial, Jerod-Eddie, Carradine, Okoye, and maybe Justin Smith for playing time. Best guess is he is the 3rd/4th DE depending if Smith retires

    Second round: SS Jaquiski Tartt, Samford

    “He is an athletic guy at 220 pounds, ran 4.43. He’s big. He’s fast. He’s physical. He’ s a good tackler, very good open-field tackler. He knows how to find the ball. He creates the opportunity for us to match up, as does Jimmie (Ward). Albeit different, they are different sizes, they have different skillsets. They’re both four-down players in our opinion and we like the situation we’re in. And obviously Eric’s (Reid) is back there, Craig Dahl’s back there. There’s going to be a lot of competition. Competition is good, you want competition at every position.”B

    Phred - I watched him against Auburn and he looked terrific, but then got hurt. We had a 3rd round grade on him. I generally agree with Baalke's assessment, but think he took him too early. The kid is big fearless and hits hard. My question is where does he fit? We are set with Bethea and Reid at starter. We have last year's R1 pick Jimmy Ward, and Craig Dahl and L. J.McCray are in the final year of their contract. He is not going to play a lot this year, probably replacing McCray on the roster and on special teams.

    Third round: OLB Eli Harold, Virginia

    “We really liked the person. He is a tremendous young man. He’s a pro’s pro. He takes the game very seriously. He works at it. He’s tirelessly working at his craft. Everybody we spoke to about Eli said nothing but positive things. And that is going back to his high school coach and everybody that’s worked with him at the University of Virginia. We really felt good about him as a person and then you put on the tape and the guy’s had 15, 15.5 sacks the last two years. He went up against Miami this past year and (New York Giants draft pick Ereck) Flowers on that team and performed quite well. I think he had two sacks against him. He’s played big in some big games, so there were a lot of things to like.”

    Phred - This pick was a steal (Harold was #30 on our board), but unless there is an injury/suspension between Aldon Smith, Brooks and Lynch who all have character questions he will have difficulty seeing the field. I see Harold competing with Lemonier for the 4th spot in the rotation and competing with Lynch for #2 when Brooks leaves next year. In terms of RSI he was the #5 DEOLB and had an explosion rating of 69.8, just under the magic goal of 70.

    Fourth round: TE Blake Bell, Oklahoma

    “We do see him as an emergency quarterback. We do see a guy that we can train up there. That was brought to me by the coaches. The coaches took a look. My hat's off to them because they did the work. They went through and took a look at him last week as a quarterback and kind of gave us a feeling that, you know what, we can get this guy ready to play and be an emergency backup in that situation. But he's definitely been brought in here to be a tight end. That's a good room. There's a lot of talent in that room. So there's going to be a lot of competition going into this offseason and into this training camp.”

    Phred - I really like this pick. A combination emergency QB and big TE who is still learning the position (He played QB his early years at Oklahoma and switched to TE this year. The "Belldozer" could make for some fun plays in the red zone where our offense has been stymied. But here again, we have V Davis, McDonald, and Derek Carrier ahead of him and 4 others competing with him for a 3rd TE role. Vance McDonald had better be ready for camp.

    Fourth round: RB Mike Davis, South Carolina

    “That's a player that the scouts did a tremendous job with getting information, as they always do. He's a guy that's been intriguing for us. Been pretty much in the same place on our board the entire draft process, which is always nice. Sometimes you get guys that move up, move down, based on different information. This is a guy that stayed really in the same spot the whole way through.”

    Phred - Best Pick of the 49ers' draft. The only one that met an immediate need and offered value. We had a 4B grade on Davis and we drafted in the 4C range. In a draft less stocked at the position he is a 3rd round pick. He runs well, he catches the ball and he pass protects. He will work in the rotation with Hyde and Hunter right away and maybe Haynes if he proves himself. Gives the 49ers a full backfield.

    Fourth round: WR DeAndre Smelter, Georgia Tech

    “He's big. He's physical. He can block. He can run after the catch. He's got huge hands, size 11 hands. He's a physical wide receiver. One of the things that coach and I talked about through this process is we wanted to get bigger, we wanted to get faster, we wanted to get more competitive. We wanted more four-down players, guys that could go out there and compete on special teams. And we feel we addressed that with most of these guys, if not all of these guys.”

    Phred - Yes Trent he is all that and he is also injured and will have to redshirt the year. So the 49er WR situation is still unclear and Baalke still has not proven he can pick a WR in the draft. He is also a baseball player who returned to football and only played one year at GT. Best case is he reshirts on IR and replaces Boldin next year.

    Fifth round: P Bradley Pinion, Clemson

    “He does a nice job controlling the ball, pinning it inside the 20. He's been real effective. He's shown the ability to kick off as well, which is always an asset. At the same time, Andy has been here for a long time and he's a heck of a punter. We expect him to come in and continue to compete (with Andy Lee). It's not Bradley's job, it's Andy's job. It's Brad's job to come in and win that job.”

    Phred - My first reaction was What? Andy Lee is retiring too? Upon further examination this guy also kicks - off and has kicked FG too. There may be more pressure on Dawson here than Lee.

    Sixth round: OL Ian Silberman, Boston College

    “Guard/tackle combination. He's played both inside and outside. Another guy that has a high football intellect and toughness. That and he's got size and he can run. There's something to work with there. That's what you're looking for the later you get into the draft. You're looking for traits and you’re looking for the intangibles. Because If they have some traits and they've got good intangibles, you know you're going to get as much out of them as they got in them. That's what you're looking for.”

    Phred - In other words this guy doesn't have much talent but he works hard and we can put him on the practice squad. Maybe he beats out a very disappointing Joe Looney for the last interior OLine spot.

    Seventh round: OL Trenton Brown, Florida

    “Right now we see him as an offensive lineman. He played offensive tackle in 2013. He played guard and a little bit of tackle in 2014. He's 6-8. He's 350 pounds. He runs a 5.23. He has 36-inch arms. There's something to work there. It's a big piece of clay right now. We got some work to do. But he's played a lot of football at a high level of competition. He's shown versatility. He's shown the ability to learn multiple positions. With that, you got something to work with.”

    Phred - If we can get this fatso to lose some weight and get in shape, maybe after a year on the practice squad he can become our swing OT.

    Seventh round: TE Rory “Busta” Anderson, South Carolina

    “He was the highest-rated player on our board. Once again, I keep going back to that, but you never go wrong taking good football players. He was the highest-rated player on our board. It just so happened that Arizona, the pick or two right after us, took a tight end. Maybe that was the guy. If he was the highest-rated tight end and we were able to keep that from happening, more power to us. I'm not saying that Arizona, that was their target either. But you're always looking to take the best player available. If you have him, that means someone else can't get him.”

    Phred - Another candidate for IR. If Vernon Davis is gone next year, maybe he competes for a spot.
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