Despite the talk of Brandon Scherff and the Giants having Scherff as their highest rated OL, Flowers was not far behind. As the draft approached it was a coin flip between Flowers and Peat. Not the most graceful player, but extremely effective. Does not turn 21 until August and offers a lot of power in the running game, which the Giants sorely lacked. With proper development he reminds me of Erik Williams and the great Cowboys OL's of the 1990s

The Giants dealt a 4th and 7th Round pick to trade up for Landon Collins. Collins, widely expected to go in the first round, fell to Round 2. Alabama defensive players have been hit or miss in the NFL as they played in a pro-style scheme under Nick Saban so often are close to physically maxed out. Even if he does not progress as ideally as one would like in the passing game, solid enough against the run that he can carve out a long career as an in-the-box S. When the Giants pick came up in Round 4 there were one or two names I saw that did not make it until their 5th Round pick, but none are players I would lose sleep over not having the opportunity to select at this time

Another player that was talked about as a potential first rounder leading up to the draft. Fell to Round 3 due to health concerns (he has had multiple hip surgeries) and questions about his pass rush ability because UCLA's scheme did not really have him doing much in the pass rush. Although the Giants have a lot of bodies at DE this year, JPP will be playing under a franchise tender, George Selvie and Robert Ayres are UFA's after this year, and there is no guarantee regarding the progress of Damontre Moore or Kerry Wynn

Probably the most questionable of the Giants picks. I did not see anywhere that had him in their top 600 and the Giants were the only team to bring him in for a visit, so I wonder if he couldn't have been had later in the draft. Strong Pro Day, but on the field at Texas did not stand out. Offers flexibility as a FS with the ability to play in the slot. According to Texas fans, really made progress under Charlie Strong especially over the last 7 games after stalling under Mack Brown (a common complaint about Mack Brown's tenure). Projection pick, but this reeks of Jerry Reese/Mark Ross trying to prove themselves smarter than everyone else. At least this year they waited until the 5th Round rather than spending a 3rd, which had been their usual M.O.

Another prospect who was difficult to grade because of the situation around him. Has the requisite size and supposedly runs good routes, but the lack of a decent QB did not give him a chance to make plays after the catch. Battled through some injuries this year and has some questions about this ability to separate from DB's. That being said, looking at the tape it is hard to tell if the latter is a problem or it is magnified by a QB being late on his throws which allows the DB a chance to get back in the picture or a combination of both. Willing participant on special teams and will go over the middle to make a catch

Like Flowers does not turn 21 until August. Played 4 years for Florida State including starting multiple years at RT. Will kick inside to OG where his feet will be less of an issue. Mauler who will really help in the run game. Maybe not an immediate need, but leave him on the PS for a year so he can learn the nuances of playing OG and could be useful as a back-up OG in 2016

UDFA to be posted after rookie camp once I can see who was signed and who just received tryout contracts

Overall, while the Giants filled many needs, especially with their early picks, I do not think they maximized the picks they had in this draft. Specifically in Round 5 I think they could have traded down in the round and grabbed another 6th Rounder this year and maybe a 5th or 6th next year and still landed Thompson. You had teams like Green Bay looking to trade up so it is not like there was nothing on the table. I also do not like that we did nothing about adding a run stuffer next to Hankins. Collins was thought of as a first round pick, but I am not sure the Giants were in a position that they could sacrifice picks to make the trade even though there were, admittedly, not many options between picks 108 and 144 that would have helped at 108 (Hardison and Shaw being the only ones that spring to mind). This really appears to be a 3 player draft with Day 3 all about Special Teams and for the Giants to have success down the road they really need all 3 to contribute because they cannot go on having situations like they have now averaging less than 1 player per year from 2004-2011 drafts still on the roster