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Thread: Post draft FA signings

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    Post draft FA signings

    From Vikingsterritory.com

    DAVARIS DANIELS, WR, NOTRE DAME: At 6′ 1″ and 201 pounds, Daniels was a guy on the rise in the Notre Dame system prior to being suspended for an academic honesty scandal. Nothing blows me away about this guy.

    JACK SHERLOCK, DL, SOUTH DAKOTA STATE: At 6′ 4″ and 240 pounds, Sherlock has the size required to develop into an NFL player of substantial value. He has an uphill climb ahead of him, however, considering the current depth within Mike Zimmer’s defensive line.

    JASON HEINICKE, QB, OLD DOMINION: Here’s the developmental quarterback and camp arm that many of you wanted to see the Vikings grab. Heinicke was one of the more impressive players at the East-West Shrine Game practices and could be a fun addition to feed the inevitable preseason hype machine.

    ANTHONY HARRIS, FS, VIRGINIA: With a similar build to Trae Waynes (a lean 6′ 1″ and 183 pounds), Harris has proven highly durable and never missed a game due to injury during his college career. His instincts and ball skills certainly make him one of the more intriguing UDFA’s available and now he’s a Viking! He not only has an opportunity to develop, he has the upside to become a true game-changing safety.

    JORDAN LESLIE, WR, BYU: At 6′ 3″ and 215 pounds, combined with good straight-line speed, Leslie has all of the physical tools to be a productive NFL receiver. Of course, like so many undrafted wide outs, he really needs to work on his fundamentals and could use some work on the jugs machine.

    JUSTIN COLEMAN, CB, TENNESSEE: Coleman should make an NFL roster this fall, whether it is the Vikings or somebody else, based off of his sure-fire tackling abilities alone. He might have to start out as a special teams contributor only, as he could be a liability in coverage versus NFL receivers, but that alone has enough value to keep him around.

    GAVIN LUTMAN, WR, PITTSBURGH STATE: At 6′ 3″ and 213 pounds, Lutman’s pro day numbers were every bit as impressive as what DeVante Parker did at the NFL Scouting Combine. Additionally, he was very productive in college, and clearly went undrafted due to know fault of his own… it is just that literally nobody knew who he was, including NFL scouts.

    BOBBY VARDARO, OG, BOSTON COLLEGE: A 6′ 4″ offensive lineman that weighs in at about 305 pounds. Vardaro is a left guard by nature and has gained lots of starting experience with Boston College.

    TOM FARNIOK, OL IOWA STATE: Known as a smart offensive lineman that made calls and was a leader for Iowa State. He is an undersized but athletic center that is unlikely to dominate too many defensive linemen physically, but does enough things right to make him plenty worth a further look.

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    Also from Daily Norseman:

    Blake Renaud, FB Boise State

    Renaud was a linebacker for Boise State and will be a fullback with the Minnesota Vikings—something he marketed himself as at the urging of his agent. Renaud (6'2" 246 pounds) has, of course, the ideal build for a fullback and will be difficult to scout in the role of a fullback. As a linebacker, he was a productive player for Boise State, but never a standout.

    The former linebacker was considered a special-teams pickup by many teams, and it won't matter which side of the ball he's on when it comes to scrimmage play for him to make an impact there. What he did best as a linebacker was play with solid instincts and decent speed (he timed at 4.91—not good at all—but was consistently used as a quarterback spy for their defense).

    His understanding of how to meet the running back in the hole and anticipate the gap the runner will choose may translate well on the other side of the ball, where he'll have to use a distinct kind of vision, but something relatively similar.

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