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    Appears things haven't changed. This is how it's been since Arthur bought the franchise, now at all cost.

    Yes, the Falcons are the worst in sacking any QB since forever, so it makes sense in this respect they'd address that issue. But I ask, does one player fix it all? Also I ask, does Quinn feel he can turn around one of the worst defenses in the last thre years,...with the players coming back from such an awful defense? Guess we'll have to see this Fall.

    Congrats to Beasley, he'll command some serious dollars.

    I dunno, just feels like everyone's fine with the Falcons offense and in a way rightly so. The offense has been very good lately. People outside the Falcons camp who can't name anyone other than Ryan and Sam Baker don't know much about the offense. Perhaps with 6 to 8 sacks Beasley will help.


    Edit: Oh yeah Roddy and Julio not to mention #17 is known on the offense,...I was referring to the interior offense, my bad.
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