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Thread: A 49er Mock with UDFAs

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    A 49er Mock with UDFAs

    R1 - 15 - Byron Jones - CB - U Conn -3 year team captain, Outstanding Athlete, great person off the field. the type of person you can plug and play in our secondary.

    R2 - 46 - Benardrick McKinney - ILB - Miss St. - Not as fast or athletic as Willis, but a solid player who can make all of the plays. (Might be fun to tick off Willis by selecting a guy from his rival school to replace him)

    R3 - 79 - Henry Anderson DT/DE - Stanford 49ers finally get their Stanford man. A hard working quick twitch 3/4 end who is equally adept against the run and getting after the QB. Need to get stronger but can be plugged in the rotation right away.

    R4 - 126 - Vince Mayle - WR Wash St. He should be healthy by training camp and possesses the size the 49ers need at WR. While not a speedster he did reported run 4.57 at his proday. Combine that with his outstanding cone and shuttles at the Combine and he has enough speed/quickness to take over for Crabtree.

    R4 - 132 - Corey Robinson - OT - South Carolina We need a swing tackle and this guy plays tackle and has 35 5/8 inch arms and 10 3/4 inch hands. That alone will have him on the 49ers draft board pretty high. He has all the size and talent in the world but only showed flashes in college. Weight seemed to be a problem - 324 at the Combine, down from much heavier during the season. IF we can get him in shape both head and body wise, he could be a steal.

    R5 - 151 - Cody Fajardo - QB - Nevada I know this is early, but if you are going to build an offense around a QB, why not take a QB who came out of the same system and has similar skills, although not to the degree that Kaepernick does.

    R6 - 190 - Zach Wagenmann - OLB - Montana We get our edge rusher R6. 6' 3" and 33 1/2 inch arms. He timed only 4.82 but his cone and shuttle times were terrific bringing his effective 40 time down to 4.69. He is only 247, a little lighter than we like, but has room to grow. Broke his foot in training this month so Montana's all time TFL and Sack leader falls to SF. Outstanding young man cut his long locks and donated the hair to the charity that makes wigs for cancer patients.

    R7 - 246 - Brian Suite - S - Utah With only 4 safeties on the roster and 2 of them (Dahl and McCray) in contract years, we need a reliable back-up. Suite is huge - 6' 2 5/8" 203 - and ran a 4.51 at his proday. He also jumped 10' 02" and 37.5". His cone and shuttle times were 4.23 and an amazing 6.65! He is not just an athlete - he is a 2 time HM all Mountain West.

    R7 - 254 - Cam Worthy - WR East Carolina Would have been a 6th round pick if not injured. He has two broken feet. Was selected for the Medal of Honor Bowl and the Combine, but has not been able to workout. Reportedly has a 42 inch vert. to go with his 6' 2" height. He would be the 49ers redshirt player for the season and replace Boldin in 2016.


    Westlee Tonga - TE - Utah. Plays a lot like Delaney Walker. Very solid and willing blocker with adequate speed who can get down the seam. 6' 3 5/8" 245 lbs. and ran a 4.76 with 26 lifts.

    Dreamius Smith - RB - WVU Was used in rotation behind the starter this year and played well. Was the short yardage and red zone guy. Can run, block and catch and has the Gore's size - 5' 10 5/8" but is 235 lbs. Ran an amazing 4.48/4.05/6.90 at that weight on his pro day. Also benched 21 reps with a 35 vert. and a 10' 4" BJ. How can you not sign a guy named Dreamius.

    Zach Vigil - ILB - Utah State He is just a good football player with decent size and surprising speed. At 6' 2" 236 he is a little on the short side with average arm length ( 32 1/2 inches). He has had multiple injuries so no saying if his body would hold up, bu he could certainly give Moody a run for his money on special teams.

    Ryan Williams - QB - Miami He was the projected starter in camp but got hurt and the freshman behind him did so well, that he never saw the field. Then he shows up at the Medal of Honor game and wins MVP. Would enter as a camp arm and compete with Fajardo for #3 or a spot on the PS.

    Junior Salt - OG - Utah I watched a lot of Utah games this year and Salt played well. He is probably nothing more than a RG, but with Boone holding out again, we better have someone who can play

    OK that is it

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