The NFLN has the top 10 all-time draft busts in the NFL but they could make an entire show about the awful 1st round picks the Falcons have made through the years.

Tim Green DE, Chris Miller QB, Tony Smith RB/returner, Steve Broussard RB, Michael Booker CB, Michael Vick, Andre Bruce DE, Jeriah Perry DT and those are only 1st round picks. If you include 2nd round picks one sees a trend or maybe a curse of this franchise, with several GMs and two owners, choosing apparent highly talented players in the draft that never panned out.

General manager Thomas Dimitroff was awarded GM of the year in 2008 for his picks that Spring and after 7 seasons only 2 of them remain Falcons, Matty Ice and the oft injured(with short arms), Sam Baker. Dimitroff has a new head coach, the defensive guru who coached an impressive unit in Seattle. With the 8th overall pick come Thursday night what will the Falcons decide to do? Trade up, trade down, stay static who knows? And who knows what player at which position will they decide upon?

Mockers have different opinions ranging from RB, DE, LB primarily, mainly guessing because they have no clue. And honestly does it really matter?