Same old yadda dadda,...we're gonna draft players to fit our scheme(code for the roster is weak),...we're gonna draft players with character(code for a rebuilding season)

All that was is an attempt to keep games sold out which it's guaranteed the Monday night game will be sold out when when the circus comes to town and the Falcons might even win the game if the defense doesn't get winded in the first half. Hell,...we might even see TEBOW play in Atlanta! Like Mike Vick, as some said, Tebow would make a good WR. That was a joke, ahem.

It's early and all that and as I've preached every NFL team has the talent to win football games given good coaching.

Thomas has some gray hair I noticed, even at his age. Quinn has no hair at all.

Yeah ya'll if you've noticed this Falcons fan is not optimistic about this season even with a possible great draft(which the media ALWAYS gives the Falcons a C- for every draft), but I guess we got a little spoiled the last 7 seasons other than the last one. 2014 should've brought expectations down to Earth.

So here we go this Thursday!