Phred here posted this in the Shout, something not reported widely here in this region.

Peter King of Sports Illustrated, explaining the sausage-making process of the NFL schedule, illustrated the way lobbying is definitely kosher. Philadelphia Archbishop Charles J. Chaput sent a letter to the league office asking them to not give the Eagles a home game in Week Three, since Pope Francis will be holding a mass that is expected to draw 2 million people in Philadelphia that Sunday. NFL senior vice president of broadcasting Howard Katz, replied that their prayers would be answered, and the Eagles would be sent elsewhere. “Yes,” Katz said. “The pope did influence the NFL schedule. My name may be Katz, but I wasn’t taking any chances.”

Oh well, maybe my dad was right all along,...the NFL is FIXED to accomodate certain franchises. And to boot it's a Monday night game? LOLOL! Again this report wasn't seen in this area. The only good thing about it is the Falcons will be embarrassed at home on national TV,...again. Thanks all you Catholics, Jews and Falcons haters, to adjust a schedule like this stinks. And always remember Falcons fans, you are nothing but FODDER.