First the iggles then road games to,...New York then Dallas,...uh oh. Then again Atlanta ends the season against the Saints.

It would've been nice to face the Jaguars, Bucs, Titans or even the Panthers before week 4. Teams that start 0-3 simply don't win Super Bowls much less make the playoffs. And at 0-3 going 0-4 becomes a distinct possibility then you're on the way to a top 5 pick next Spring 2016. It really would've been nice to have the Falcons players get in tune with a rookie head coach and mostly a new staff and break even to start the first quarter of the season but that looks improbable,...being 2-2 going into week 5 could turn into a 9-7 season and a possible playoff appearance.

There were so many holes left on this team by GM Thomas Dimitroff it wasn't like anyone, except a homey, expected a deep run into the playoffs this season. So sit back this Fall and Winter not feeling all bubbly and optimistic cause pessimism sets it up to avoid disappointment. Next week we see which direction the GM takes. If it's a defensive player he will probably be the most talented Falcon on the field, yech. If it's running back or D-lineman that'd be a sure sign 2015 will be the so called rebuilding year.