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    Trade it

    Phillip Rivers rumored to be traded? An ESPN type even suggested the Saints trade Breeze? Well,...why not trade Matt Ryan? Maybe not this year but after drafting the Oregon Duck to sit a season and learn why not draft the guy?

    We've had our fill of Vicks/Winstons then had the choir boy Ryan and he's been great. The media won't give the guy any credit for breaking every franchise record as a QB but then again,...remember he's just a Falcon afterall. So why not draft a QB for the future? Apparently the Falcons are in building mode anyways.

    The experts are missing something they said many times this time of year that the teams with 5th through 8th picks have the most leverage in trade talks before and during the draft. The Falcons can do anything they want, up, down NOT WITH CURRENT PLAYERS but with picks.

    Starting over again with a new regime, system and everything except that idiotic rise up bullshit.

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    we is gunna rise up for 2 mo years, however, knowing the D has no where to go but down and having some new D blood may make a 3 game difference. If the shanahan experience works out! or experiment?
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