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Thread: Bills Could Have Best Roster In NFL

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    Bills Could Have Best Roster In NFL

    Adam Lefkoe and Chris Simms discuss the Bills roster

    Check it out!

    2015 Playoff Sleeper Buffalo Bills May Have Most Talented Roster in NFL |

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    And unfortunately the worst HC and coaching staff. Prepare to yearn and long for the glorious days of Doug Marrone and Jim Schwartz

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    Bills vs Pats. .week.2

    The best possible ending

    A season and career ending injury to Brady!!

    Go WRECKS, send the house!!

    As for the game score...sadly, both can't lose

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    Quote Originally Posted by Slikmoron View Post
    Lookee here...another worthless cunty Jest fan posting where he doesn't belong. Troll maggot baby killer.
    It's about time we got some Bills fans here. Years ago I was asked to play in a softball tournament,...and when I got there found out the name of the team was the,...baby rapers, geesh.

    Anyways, I wanted Rex Ryan last season but the Falcons hired Dan Quinn.

    Jets fans are at least,...passionate.

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