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    The NFLN had a little thingie on the,...Falcons??? This morning?

    It was nice to see but the talking heads said everything we already been saying since the hiring of Quinn. When the defense is ranked at the bottom of every category even if Blank had hired Obama the D would improve in some fashion. There's nowhere to go but up one would think regardless the head coach or D-coor.

    Interesting the NFLN left out most of the offense which should be formidable again this coming season. No mention of the west coast offense, no mention of the new tight end or the slant blocking scheme, no mention of an elite NFL QB or the young RBs. It was all about Quinn's defense. A sure setup if ever was seen.

    Anyway it was good to see the Falcons represented between the Jets and Patriots reports. It don't happen often at that unbiased and level reporting network.

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    THE VERY reason I will not watch, changing the last two letters of that description to "it"
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