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Thread: The good "Christians" praying before going off to war...

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    The good "Christians" praying before going off to war...

    Surely God is on their side... but wait! Their enemies are Orthodox Catholics too!!!

    It's amazing to me the ease at which so called Christians go to war and if you ask any one of these so called Christians if they are doing God's will they will swear up and down that they are. To most Christians God and country are one and the same. This is not a Russian, or a Balkan phenomenum either by the way. History for the last fifteen hundred years is littered with atrocities committed by so called Christians. Catholics and Protestants alike.

    If a Christian makes a systematic effort to read The New Testament and after finishing with Revelations still is infused with so much nationalistic fervor as to take up arms and go kill... I think that Christian lost sight of the true meaning of Christianity.
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    I wonder who is the guiding force behind all these good and holy wars around the planet... I mean every other war in which good American Christians are not involved in, I mean the other ones. Who is guiding all that chaos? Nevermind the ones that the good ol' U.S of A is involved in... we all know America has the Almighty's blessing... why the founding fathers said so!
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    It's just patterns of human behavior. Unfortunately, division, tribalism, and territorialism are the natural state of man. Muslims fight Muslims. African tribes slaughter each other. Hatfields vs McCoys. People incorporate religion and morality into what's already there.

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    I also forgot to mention Cubans vs Puerto Ricans as a good feud!

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    war is just when its necessary to destroy a great evil, but yeah that doesnt mean protecting financial gains and politiacal strategy

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    So you are an advocate for pacifism, in essence?

    How did that work out for the Quakers?

    There is no just cause for war? Seriously? Should we have let Hitler have his way?

    Tell me, .. how do you like your (dwindling) freedom? Your philosophy would have surrendered.

    The problems with ungrateful people in this country is they have no idea what oppression truly is nor what freedom really costs.

    I know we have had this discussion before. C.S. Lewis does a nice job describing the difference between killing and murder in Mere Christianity.
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    Someone gets rich over the misery of the common man or women. I as a Christian don't want to see war again in my lifetime. I am tired of going to the VA Hospital seeing a new generation of mangled bodies and broken spirits!

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    Me and Jesus both yes. When the Jews tried to round up Jesus to make him their leader in order to free them from the oppressing Roman yoke, how did Jesus respond? He said: My kingdom is not of this world, you would've felt betrayed, but you better check your scriptures. Nowhere in The New Testament does Jesus advovate for taking part in any human war. Do you remember how the Jews chanted for Barrabas the young rebel against Rome and ignored Jesus the true savior? Or have you forgotten? In the Old Testament when God would appoint Judges and then later annointed Saul as king it was different. God went before the army winning them battle after battle. No longer the case since Jesus, God will take it upon himself to fight the final war against all nations and no human will take part alongside him. He does not need any human's help. Injustice has reigned since Adam and Eve, but who challenged God's sovereignty and right to rule? And who has been allowed a time rule over humanity for their own detriment? Do you remember who bites who in the talon but who crushes who's head in the end? Who is in control of all human governments? Who tempted Jesus with all the kingdoms of the earth? Why after knowing this and knowing the neutrality Jesus showed would I take part with any country's army?

    A Christian should be citizen of only one Kingdom... The Kingdom of God.
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    I will say this anyone who publicly call for war their kids better sign up first. You hearing me McCain!

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    If true Christians would trust more in their God and less in men... well then, half the world would be a paradise by now. The scriptures are there but who reads them? And even most that do, don't even apply them or find convenient loopholes around them. Some have even stopped believing in their veracity all together calling them the words of men and not really inspired by God. And some live somewhat by tradition than anything and adhere to some of those morals but ignore the ones that don't suit their needs and they go around calling tbemselves Christians.

    The same sort of Christians plagued the early Christian Congregations and Apotle Paul, Timothy and Peter among others signaled them out as hypocrites and corruptors of the faith.
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