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Thread: Vikings Trade for WR Mike Wallace

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    Vikings Trade for WR Mike Wallace

    Personally I'm not a big fan of Mike Wallace. For the most part he is a one trick pony with going deep with his speed, but at least that fits well with Norv Turner's style offense.

    My first reaction to the headline was "Oh No!!!!!! Not Mike Wallace" I was affraid we would have given up too much for him. I was please to see that was not the case. For Mike Wallace and Miami's 7th round pick we are giving them one of our 5th round picks (not clear which one yet) Not a bad deal in terms of the trade, but my remaining concern is the contract that comes with him. Wallace is due to make $9.85 million this year and $11.45 million per year for two more years after that. Hopefully the garanteed portion of his contract has already been fulfilled by Miami. If so I believe that will give the the Vikings the freedom of cutting him after this season if it doesn't work out. If it does go well the Vikings can try to renegotiate his contract with an extention. Not sure about the details.

    I think the trade itself is pretty good. Good talent for what we gave up. I'm just not a fan of Mike Wallace or his contract. Interesting move at least.
    What do you all think of this move?
    All he does is catch TOUCHDOWNS!!!!!!!!!!

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    I like the trade also. There's little risk from the Vikings' end ... a lot more upside than downside to the trade.

    I think it's a little bit of a reflection on how the Vikings are feeling about Patterson. They were expecting him to be their down field threat, but it never materialized last year. Maybe that's why you hear about the trade rumors concerning him lately.

    In addition if the Vikings end up signing Michael Johnson they will probably have to do some cap adjusting over the next few days. Renegotiating Greenway's contract comes to mind.

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    Interesting trade. Not expected at all. I've never really been a fan of Wallace (agree on the one-trick-pony thing) but, he has always produced. Sounds like we got him on a bargain at least. Unless I'm mistaken, his cap hits should change a bit with the trade since I believe Miami would either keep anything that is guaranteed and still have to pay that unless they've changed the rules on that or they negotiated that away somehow. That being said, I'm willing to bet that there won't be much guaranteed left on the contract since it is towards the end and expensive. Downside, we keep him and pay him a lot. Upside, we only have to pay him if we want to and can cut/restructure anytime it becomes necessary.

    With some luck, he'll help Patterson and provide Jennings the room to be more productive. We still have Charles Johnson too.

    EDIT - I now have cap hit info. Apparently all of the guaranteed money is done after this year so he's here on a "one-year prove-it" type of deal. We can cut him with zero penalty after this season. Win-Win. Fantastic. They also make the point in my source article that we essentially traded Matt Cassell for Mike Wallace. Not. Bad.
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