He's been released by the Panthers. Here's a chance the Falcons could play well next season.

Williams,...DW,...has another or two seasons left in him I believe. He's gonna be cheaper than what Carolina was paying him. Release the little guy, what's his name, keep the two fine former Seminoles running backs and change the way games are won in the NFL.

Amazing an NFL icon said best last week. Paraphrasing he said drafting or signing cornerbacks is a waste. If there's no pressure up front it doesn't matter the corner. Fabulous cause we've been saying that for years.

Point here is the defense must be stout up front and the O-line must open lanes for Jackson, imagine DW as the backup, Smith and Freeman(the Florida State boys).

How the new regime handles this all, and remember, the new head coach should realize the Seahawks success rested largely on the running game with the "Beast" mmmmhmmmm.