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Thread: Hitting rock bottom

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    Hitting rock bottom

    The Falcons have a fine offense regardless the inept O-line play exhibited last season. Injuries to the line were devastating so Atlanta had to sign guys off the street to run/pass block. This time around if the line can stay healthy the situation should improve. The defense? That's another subject.

    They say once ya hit rock bottom there's nowhere to go but up. This might be the case for Atlanta's defense in 2015.

    Last season we watched one of the poorest defense in Falcons history. Statistically it was a nightmare,...couldn't stop the run, kept getting burned deep and what was so awful there was nearly zero pass rush even when blitzing. Mike Nolan with his deep cover often avoided getting D-backs butts getting burned so all opposing offenses did was dink the ball all the way down the field against zone cover. Nolan's exotic blitzes were poorly masked and that's when opposing offenses scalded the seconday due to no pressure on the QB.

    There's a new D-coor now with a somewhat talented D-team. Other teams such as the NFL Champs find undrafted rookies who make great plays like what we saw at the end of the game in Arizona earlier this month.

    We could point fingers at Thomas Dimitroff but perhaps one last chance this offseason is warranted. One thing is certain,...without a middle of the pack defense ranking-wise, the Falcons will make us endure another losing season.

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    I know they hired a defensive guy before the head coach and have no idea who it is. Plus, the new coach has a good reputation for defense.

    That said there are way too many needs for the draft to address, so yes they will have to d a gem or three between FA and the draft.

    D needs addressing in all areas and we have to protect the QB and I hear lil shannahan wants a beastly RB which we do not have.
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