Looks like the good ole boy system is alive and well. This Josh dude from the Patriots appears to be,...well it's said anyway from reliable sources, that the Falcons will hire this guy as head coach next week.

People suggested it would be Bowles which was ridiculous and it was a joke. But we knew that wasn't gonna happen and it didn't. Personally I was scared the Falcons would promote Mike Tice which would've been a disaster. John Fox? He's another coach like Mike Smith and that wasn't gonna happen either.

Since 2003 the Atlanta owner has been back and forth with offensive minded coaches and defensive types if you include Dan Reeves. Now it appears there'll be an offensive mind at the helm but at the same time it's the hiring of a guy that has had great running backs and a HOF QB. The Falcons have a great QB already and servicable RBs with a defense loaded with talent that the recent D-coor couldn't get ready to play for some reason.

The Atlanta owner will say anything to the media and like that troll in the Superbirds actually beleives the guy as the troll copies articles(against NFL mandate and copyright rules) written by people in the media who have no clue like the idiot troll posting in the Superbirds.

Anyway, we'll find out soon but as of now according to our sources in Flowery Branch it'll be Josh regardless what that troll posts.