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Thread: #NonIslamicLivesMatter

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    It's funny how Obama, Holder, and the left have been building a narrative about cops being out to get blacks and it being "open season" on young black men with irresponsible characterizations like "walking while black" and "driving while black". They have cherry-picked a few unrelated cases that seemingly do not involve blatant racism to try and form a narrative that this is a "National" problem. Hmmm, wonder why? Well, not really. It's because they want to seize more power from state and local authorities. In short, they want to grow the Federal Leviathan in any way they can and while dividing their voting blocs in the process.

    Now, contrast this to how they handle (or don't handle, as the case may be) Islamofascism. There have been so many incidents in so many places which point to the fact that the civil society is under assault by Militant Islamic fanatics. Their movement appears to be GLOBAL, in fact. But these "leaders" and their cronies on the left will bend over backwards to downplay it and call it "workplace violence" or just some isolated crazies acting on their own. Even the Islamic terrorists in Paris are being called "activists" by some and Obama made sure to distance them from any organized or widespread movement--or the opposite of what he's trying to do with racism domestically. Crazy Carter even had the nerve to blame Israel. As Ted Cruz said, you cannot fight Radical Islamic Terrorism if you are unwilling to admit it exists (see the connection between their line that conservatives deny racism exists? -- both a red herring and canard).

    This is such a transparent inconsistency and the fact that they are on the wrong side of BOTH issues speaks to the fact that they are simply political animals pushing an agenda at all costs. Shame on anyone who buys into this nonsense for nothing more than ideological affiliation.

    How nutz is it to have an Administration so opposed to reality and to America in general. Sickening.
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    The Piss Stream Media has been slipping---- I haven't seen the obligatory "Muslims fear (non-existent) backlash!" that we usually see every time the religion of pieces mass murders people.

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