Let's just say this, ya weigh what people say and make a conclusion.

Arthur Blank said that the newly hired head coach will determine whether there'll be a change of General Manager. Say what?

The Falcons have McKay, the guy from the Browns whatever his name is and Scott Pioli the former GM of the Chiefs,...and Dimitroff. Would Bowles demand this responsibility or any other candidate? I mean, unless he's a Ryan?

It appears Arthur wants a high profile head coach if he said that. One that has tenure and reputation. That would be Ryan. Another Jerry Glanville imo. Ryan is well versed dealing with the media in New Jersey and would find it a cake-walk with the pathetic Atlanta media. Hell, it might be fun in a way.

One thing to remember here,...Blank wants a championship and fast before his demise. Ya know how ego does people with wealth, they want a legacy. No one can escape age and eventually death.

Fascinating what happens this Winter with the Falcons. The franchise QB is in place, the team like all NFL teams have the talent so it all comes down to the coaches to train, motivate and all that shit,...control the thugs who are are on every NFL roster and win football games.

Knowing Blank's propensity to open his pocket book, it should be Ryan. But to say the new head coach will determine the fate of the GM is telling. Ryan?