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Thread: Brian Williams of the nflfans

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    Brian Williams of the nflfans

    It's come to the time when noone can hide from anything and that's a good thing. Even the worst of liars are sussed out in today's World.

    There's some people who cannot hide they insidious ways anymore. Like it wasn't onbvious before now the liars are being driven out of their lair like rats caught in they own deception.

    To suggest you are a fan of a team whilst at the same time finding every little bullshit slant to dis that team is a joke now. That's what we have here. It started with Mike Vick and ended with Mike Smith and now you all know who is this deceptive little guy.

    Here's the plan,...ya build up someone in an NFL franchise and then you later attack him or her to pump yo chest or something I dunno, I'm not one of those cunning types. To live in reality accomodates much better than trying to tear down others.

    So this is a case of a Brian Williams, lying, distorting facts while appearing to be knowing of facts but underneath desiring to undermine others for their wicked ways. Oh yeah, he was a Falcons fan since 1990? Oh no, he hates the Falcons deeply and enjoys making fun of the history which has always been a losing legacy. And he/she enjoys making fun of true Falcons fans that are thirsty to win a Super Bowl(which his/her team has never won one).

    So keep it up Brian Williams, keep lying and continue to bend things as you've done for many years. Your little soap box has rotted away throughout time and you'll leave this plane a lonely old FOLK.

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    presently just a sad joke of a person!
    Since light travels faster than sound, some people appear bright until you hear them speak.

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