It's more like no relief. It was a relief to lose last week's game and make the Panthers proves themselves in the playoffs but then the exit of Mike Smith makes things a tad murky. To start over again and again through the years it makes me wonder. Sometimes just wanna say **** it and be a Raiders fan. Ahem, that was a joke, not a funny one unless you're a Raiders fan. Come to think of it I wish the Falcons would move to LA. THEN they'd win a Super Bowl after nearly 5 decades in existence.

It's over for this franchise for another three seasons due to poor player acquisiton wether be by draft or FA signings.

It was a good run though. 5 straight winning seasons, who could complain? The fired head coach has more wins as a Falcons head coach in franchise history.

I'm a divisional type fan and it would be great to see the Panthers appear in a game on Feb 6th.