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Thread: THE Atlanta Hawks

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    THE Atlanta Hawks

    To begin with,...FUCK YOU talon and the poor reaper. Both of you are NOT fans of the Falcons and despite your attempt at trying to make people think you are fans of the new head coach, at your best chance you shall attack him if he fails early next season, you transparent little pieces of shit. So now go after the Hawks, not the SeaCHICKENS, the Atlanta Hawks.

    What a great job this guy has done, the coach in ATL. He has convinced the team to share responsibility, scoring and the fame which will come if they get into the finals.

    Last night the Hawks, not the SEAchickens, took the best record into the All-Star Game in the NBA. I KNOW you both are racist pigs and despise the NBA because most rosters are mainly black folks and you have a right to be bigoted as you most surely are. A consolation for you bigots is that a white Hawk may break an NBA record for 3-point accuracy, yes a white skinned player in the NBA has that chance. Today the NBA Network compared him to Larry Bird,...remember him?

    It's great what this coach,...he's white too,...has done with this team. To get through to this team just as a Belichick could, to convince them to play unselfish basketball, pass the ball off,...last night 4 players scored double digits, amazing. It's fun to watch.

    BTW,...FUCK YOU talon bitch. Just a trivia question. Who backed up Chris Miller in 1990? Knowing you, you don't know,'d have to go back and look it up. Who was the left tackle? that's easy. Who were the defensive tackles? You make me sick MOTHER FR.

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    you need to approach it as it is, as a female when it comes to toenail.

    Yeah the Birds are playing top notch ball, something the braves and Falcons should try. Doing it as a team instead having you an overpaid "superstar" you have to rely on. These men are not your typical mindset pro's, they just want to win.
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