Here's the situation for the Fins going into the Jet game in Miami. First of all, there's a sort of glut of would be contending teams like a broad middle class in the NFL. I'll have to check, but the Fins may get a substantially better draft selection by oozing like beached whales. Second, as Hyde writes about in Sunny Sentinels column, Ross' much-pub game ending locker room speech last week came off eerily like that "I'm not gong to coach at Alabama" pronouncement. Whatever the case, it plays into the fact that an impressive performance by Rex may be the deciding factor in the Jet's imposing a 50% solution and could give Ross any serious doubts he needs to start fishing. It would have to be in the order of a blowout loss however, one that wipes away the perspicacity of the so far even tempered approach of Joe Philbin.

Jet's may actually win the upcoming game of their own accord. After all, the Fin's secondary remains in a shambles along with their line backing. On offense how could it be missed that R.T. looked gimpy almost got pulled form the Viking game at the start? And overall does this QB exude leadership quality as per Dan? During interviews he sounds like any other surfer dude or whatever.

The likely starter for the Jet's however, has had good games at Miami. The strong suit of the Fin's D is probably their front and if nothing else can be said, rex is a master at scheming that line. He can react to Coyle's/K Roger's stunts. Add to that, what's more of a problem for the Fins' than to stop the run lately? The Jet's almost held out last time simply by employing the ground & pound.

Now, this game doesn't look that easy does it? Check out the competition,

  1. Buffalo @Patriots
  2. Cleveland @Ravens
  3. Baltimore (above)
  4. Houston (Jaguars)
  5. San Diego @K.C.
  6. K.C. (above)

and all 7-8's are capable of going 8-8 and the 9-6's to 9-7. If the Fins loose the game they'll get bumped up many more slots in the draft, and they're going to need a great Safety and more O.L. to get anywhere in the future.