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Thread: No fighting children

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    No fighting children

    This'll be a sho-nuff playoff game Sunday in Atlanta. To win the division with a losing record doesn't sound all that great but the chance to face other playoff teams seems fine, especially if the Falcons or Panthers get hot and make a run at a championship game.

    The Panthers have owned the Falcons in December even when Atlanta was a force. I think the Falcons have won one game in the last 12 facing the Panthers in December.

    Predictions? pfffffft, who knows which Falcons team will show up. Who knows if Cam(superman) will rush for 80 yards or throw for 300. Who knows if the Falcons defense will continue to perform well as they have the last three games.

    Other than the usual Patriots domination in the NFL it's majorly been an unpredictable season. Teams like the Rams, Cardinals, Ravens one week look like a sure champion and the next they play like it's midget football.

    This has not been a fun season at all. There's been a few games that were entertaining like that rout of the Bucs earlier and even the loss in London to the Lions was a great game.

    One last thing,...let's hope we don't see the Falcons and Panthers get in a fight like what happened in Nawlins. That's probably a safer wager(that there'll be a scuffle), than waging on the outcome of the game.

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    Good post, Penumbra. Who will show up--that sums it up for both teams. If the Atlanta team that played in New Orleans or the second half vs. Green Bay, enjoy the playoffs. We can't beat that team. If Cam decides to throw high and thinks he can wait until the fourth quarter to get it together, we beat ourselves.

    The winner of the South is likely to get Arizona. ANOTHER break. They are decimated by key injuries. A case for keeping 3 QBs on the roster for sure. It is possible if not likely that the winner of the South--with seven wins, will advance in the playoffs. Wow.

    I made a thread in the Panther forum that explains where the Panthers will pick in the draft if they lose tomorrow. The way I figure it, and there are too many variables to list them all, The Falcons would pick as early as 8th and probably no later than 10th, according to my public school math and probable victors tomorrow. Enjoy the game--again, nice to have a reason to yell at the TV in late December.
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