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Thread: NFC South Weekend

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    NFC South Weekend

    Atlanta vs. New Orleans

    Good luck.
    Here is to "no injuries" and a well called game. Winner gets the upper hand in the division - loser gets a top 10 pick (and maybe a new coach).
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    As always our games are fun and are you attempting humor about that upper hand stuff?:D Man at this point I want a higher draft pick swear. This season has been ugly for all four teams in our division and honestly I just want the damn thing to be over and see how the minds in both our franchises try to figure out how to rebuild for 2015. Could go into all that but when thinking about it there's so many holes. And hey, you know what I wish for the new year?

    I wish the Saints win out, get hot(which it looks like Payton/Brees are and sometimes the defense), I wish the Saints run the table in the playoffs. That was impressive Monday night IN CHICAGO. And all ya hear about from the media is the Bears' loss indicates changes have to be made, coaches, Cutler, etc. No, got your asses beat by a better team.

    I dunno,...can't see Mike Smith getting the axe but I can see some high level coaches getting fired. The damned Falcons have turned into some kindof political structure which is always a waste.

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