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Thread: Good luck boys

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    Good luck boys

    It'll be nice to sit back watch some great matchups tomorrow. Between FOX and CBS there's The Red Zone which is kindof cool if you like to flip channels watching games.

    There's lots going on in early December. Some Rams players surrendered to the cops last week for some unknown reason and even a division leading head coach Mike Smith is on the hotseat so to speak. Another NFC South coach Ron Rivera is walking on thin ice while Nawlins Payton apparently walks on water. Who the hell knows what goes on in Tampa.

    So, if the Falcons win out the season a 9-7 record would be respectable. That will require a win in Green Bay Monday night.

    We were hoping it would snow some 2 feet with high wind Monday night, ya know, to level the field so to speak. Good luck boys.

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    Metallica has a song called "sad but true" and even if we lose Monday were still in first place in our sad division.

    Will Mike Nolan show us another defense like he did with the Cards, because the only chance w have is if he dials up another good scheme. The only we win in GB is they are off and we play D like last week. There has to be pressure on Rogers.
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