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Thread: #Crimingwhilewhite- Confessions of White Guilt

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    #Crimingwhilewhite- Confessions of White Guilt

    #Crimingwhilewhite- Confessions of White Guilt

    Derryck Green

    The displays of white guilt have really entered the realm of the absurd. In the latest display of white guilt = racial solidarity comes #Crimingwhilewhite.

    #Crimingwhilewhite is another social-justice-through-social-media campaign in which self-loathing white people tweet about crimes they got away with to “prove” the racial double standard that exists within the criminal justice system. It began after the decision not to indict the officer who many feel is responsible for the death of Eric Garner.

    Started by Jason Ross, a writer for The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, to ridicule white privilege (another amorphous term that’s meant to condemn whites for their relative lack of racial suffering in the bizarro world of racial justice and solidarity), the Twitter-based hashtag campaign exploded into a life of its own.

    Guilty whites eagerly and excitedly began tweeting out their histories of criminality and the lack of condemnation and punishment by cops to demonstrate how white privilege shields them from the harsh realities that blacks face “in the system.”

    Many saw the tweets as insightful. I see them as ridiculous.

    From The Huffington Post-

    Thousands of tweeters are up in arms against racial profiling and police brutality in America, issues that have been hard to ignore amid recent protests over the police killings of Michael Brown, Ezell Ford, Akai Gurley and others. #BlackLivesMatter and #HandsUpDontShoot have played a large role in addressing these issues on social media, but there’s a new hashtag in town:#CrimingWhileWhite.

    Instead of highlighting incidents of prejudice against people of color, #CrimingWhileWhite quickly zeroed in on white privilege, straight from the mouths of those who know it best.

    The hashtag shines a bright light on an ugly truth…”

    Here are a few of the tweets of crimes facilitated by white privilege- (Click here to read them..)

    And of course, Tim Wise-

    Tim Wise @timjacobwise

    Drug use, vandalism of govt property, running fake ID mill, theft, sale of stolen property -- all before I was 20 #CrimingWhileWhite
    10:24 PM - 3 Dec 2014

    This qualifies as activism? Laugh out loud. Please.

    If you need a good laugh or are in need of racial pardon, go to Twitter and see- or become- one of the self-hating whites confessing his or her sins via social media in search of racial absolution- and attention for false displays of humility.

    In reality, this “campaign” borne to foster “justice” and “solidarity,” should invite nothing but ridicule.

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