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Thread: Wild-Card Roundup

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    Wild-Card Roundup

    Flacco and Tannehill are both enjoying prime seasons so far and are decent bets for 4,000 yards/26 TDs. Over the long haul of past ten weeks, their teams have racked up 27-plus points five times apiece. However the Ravens are the 31st-ranked pass D, surrendering 331 yards passing in their last four outings. The Dolphins pass D is great. And now this http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap300...-wide-receiver.

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    The skinny on the game is that we were a lot closer than the final score makes it seem. I didn't take a look at until the 3rd quarter/4th quarter change with the score 14-10. The Fins just rolled into the red zone on a nice Jarvis Jandry reception. Then another catch by Clay brought them to the 4 yd. line. Lamar Miller got busted on First & goal, a play after which Satele had left the game injured. The next play a false start-this brought them back to the 11. There's a missed short pass to Wallace and Tannehill takes a sack, so with that the Fins settled for a lousy FG.

    As a result the Ravens still had the lead on the ensuing possession. Safety Louis Delmas sustained a bad knee injury of some kind, and had to be carted off the field. Flacco now made it look easy, completing a whole bunch of passes down to the Miami 2. He went back again and got sacked by Cameron Wake in which he fumbled - Fins recover.

    An arguable replay reversed this apparent fumble, in which it was determined that the QB arm was moving forward at the time of the sack. Never mind that there's no way the full passing motion could have been made, let alone a pass completed. Now rescued by the forward motion theory, the Ravens resorted to a power run for the TD.

    Tannehill hadn't had one of his better performances so far and he got sacked for the 4th time. O/C Bill Lazor has so far this season been working down the sack totals on Tannehill with a more proficient, quicker pass attack than last season.

    If Samson Satele stays out then the sack total isn't going to get any better when the Fins visit Foxboro.

    There was little reason to think the Fins would win this preliminary playoff game against a former Super Bowl coached team. If you look at the Patroit-Chargers game you see the same type of thing... The Dolphins are still at an early stage, and our coach lacks the ruthless abandon of a Belichick or Harbaugh.

    On the other hand the Pats have the division all but locked up going into this weekend, and can afford to cut some slack.
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