Peter King: "Quarterback revolution" coming in 2015
12/3/2014 9:06:09 AM

The NFL is headed for a "quarterback revolution" in 2015 according to Peter King of Sports Illustrated.

"It’s part RG3-rebelliousness, part dissatisfaction with the status quo of the Cutler/Newton/Kaepernick crowd, part not being sold on Marcus Mariota, part being deathly afraid in the current domestic violence climate of Jameis Winston—who is in a Florida State disciplinary hearing this week for suspicion of sexually assaulting a fellow FSU student—and part… well, just the feeling that we might be headed for a bit of a market correction in how the position is played." Specifically, King believes the league is slowing moving away from from the running quarterback phase of the past few years to return to the age of the pocket quarterback.

King cites experts like former Colts GM Bill Polian and draft guru Gil Brandt to bolster his argument. Colin Kaepernick and Cam Newton have been two of the least-accurate quarterbacks in the league this season, and they've noticeably regressed or flatlined as passers. Both have cannons for arms, but don't display the touch and aren't making plays with their legs due to injuries or the realization by the coaching staffs that it's not worth the unnecessary hits after seeing Robert Griffin III tear up his knee in 2012 and ankle in 2014. The one running quarterback still having a measure of success is the Seattle Seahawks' Russell Wilson and the article notes that Wilson seems to emphasize getting down to avoid the killer hits that keep felling his mobile compatriots. That said, it only takes one shot to put a QB out for the season-and possibly his career.