Did anyone see the last Bengals/Browns game? There are two NFL franchises intent on winning regular season games to carry into the playoffs.

The Falcons got a clean taste in the jungle when visiting Cincinatti, of a serious football team and got their butts beat but good. The game in Atlanta Sunday may not be pretty.

Atlanta is a solid 3 point favorite,...but wait a minute, the home team is usually given 3 points just for playing at home. It's funny cause the Browns aren't your Patriots, Steelers or Colts in fantasy land nor with great stats like the Broncos put up weekly on both sides of the ball.

You're leading a pitiful NFL division playing at home. As a joke I'd say "RISE UP!" but it was a joke when created.

The Falcons rather should get tough and finish this season any way they can muster.

It's always fun when the Falcons and Browns play. And it's usually ugly to some or beautiful to others,...the ugly ass game.