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Thread: Not Up to Billing

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    Not Up to Billing

    I hope you enjoyed the capitulation of Kyle Orton and the not-so Buffalo Bills. http://centerofthewest.org/about-us/pr-images/ has filed a complaint against the NFL for allowing the game to be shown. Right about now I would ordinarily check Power Rankings but instead I offer something of a disclaimer in that the Fins have lost their 2nd-string right side corner and are next scheduled to meet Payton Manning in Denver. Next Sunday obviously isn't going to be our day.

    A nice thing left to see this weekend is the Seminoles-Canes game. This has been one Hell of a series. I sure hope it comes down to another wide-right field goal miss by FSU. Then there's the Eagles-Packers game, which will be played up in the frozen Tundra. Ex-Jets fans will be sure to see that one, too, since their team is on a fortunate bye this week. Jersey is less than 80 mi. away from Philly compared with G.B. that is 800 mi. away, so I bet Jet fans will probably open a Schaeffer and watch the Eagles as their surrogate team this week. It will be interesting to see their remarks if Sanchez chalks up another win, which I consider most likely.

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    Denver is also on the theme of being Not Up to Billing as I see they're being dismantled by the great Shaun Hill and the Rams. The same QB who did not play a down all last season for the Lions after spending previous years there pretty much as the backup to Drew Stanton who backed up Matt Stafford. Not to say that he hadn't been any good. On the contrary he played great the time before the Lions-beat-Miami, which was 2010 vs. Chad Henne at Sun Life. They got rid of Stanton to Indianapolis the next season, and that was a 10-6 turnabout in which they made a WC berth but lost to New Orleans. In 2012 they dived to 4-12 and a mediocre 2013 was the last I saw of either Hill or the Shwartz/Linehan/Cunningham coached team, until now. Congrats to Hill and Schotty on the win, even if the Field Goal kicker was your most productive scorer.

    I'm not sure what the Hell happened to Denver or what it portends for them next weekend, but you can be sure Fins coaches will endlessly analyze the keys to that game.

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    Yeah they turned up a (currently) four page thread called Bad Sanchez is Back in a bit of humor. Seems they all agree Sanchez had tanked the game from the get go, even admitting at one point the score was 43-3. That doesn't add up, folks. Here's why. You take all the QB statistics of last week and in my mind, 26-44-2 for 346 yards and 2 TD's doesn't suck the wind out of Lambeau Field. Aaron Rodgers got himself about an even amount of passing yardage, 341. Okay so Mark threw a pick six late in the third quarter with the score already Packers 33-Beagles 6. Then there was a bad shotgun snap in late in garbage time. I suppose that's on him too?

    Sanchez may have been personally responsible for the P6 but what about the other 47 points that GB put up?

    By the way, have the Jets ever beat the Eagles in one of those terribly out of their way games in Philly? Have the Jets ever beat them in Jersey?

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