Guess ya gotta be positive sometimes about things. The Panthers appear to be struggling, they said Cameron Newton(Superman), was hurt because of his poor play. When in fact he's simply been playing behind a porous O-line. Ron Rivera continues to get bad reviews JUST like Mike Smith but guess what? Some of us knows this divisional history and throw all that out the window come this weekend.

As a matter of fact I expect Cam-Cam to do well. Rivera will do well too because they're hosting the Atlanta Fakes. Almost wrote a post revealing certain elements that aren't very,...positive about the state of the Falcons management. But think maybe to let things play out this season. Never has the NFL been so unpredictable as it stands current.

There's no way Sunday's game in Charlotte will garner much attention unless the NFLN wants to make fun of things like they did covering the Falcons win and the Saints loss last Sunday. Despicable arrogance on full display imo.

Amazing the Falcons could be 3-0 within the division with a win. Ya know,...that there mathematical stuff.