Let me get this over with. In many years watching the Falcons I have seen the absolute worst coaching, with not bad talent many times, for many years.

But I watched the worst coached team lose to a vulnerable Falcons team, division rival, and they literally lost the game with their mistakes. Oh hell yeah the Falcons dropped two TD passes and all that but a team like the Bucs cannot do what they did and expect to win a game.

THREE offsides, legit, and one of them the last one on a first and goal and the Bucs D-tackle lines up offsides? It's expected the Bucs may have been licking their lips facing a pathetic Falcons O-line but still.

Simply, the Bucs head coach is a joke regardless what the talking heads, pure biased in an obvious way and we see it, what they have to say.

I saw the Raiders loss too but that was different. The Raiders lack talent but the Bucs have talent. That guy for them(Bucs) is a token or maybe just a totem. Never saw such an undisciplined ever, even when the Falcons were losing 14 games a season, ever.

Let's just put it this way,...unlike what the experts say you Bears fans are better off without this guy as a head coach, just my opinion.